Skeleton Skies No2
Holzrichter Berlin
Photoshooting for the new collection. w/ J. Milosevic
Balz & Balz
Logo and design for a coffeeshop in Hamburg.
San Burrito
Corporate design for a mexican restaurant in Hamburg. w/ N.Telebak
Portraits of the "Eintracht Frankfurt" Soccer team. Acrylics on Canvas / 70cm x 100cm
I was here - Cap de l´Homy
Travelphotography in France.
Redesign user interface of IQAkte Personal for the company IQDoQ.
A mascot called FRÜTÜ for the breakfast bag project by Nadja Doukali.
Rooftop Consulting
Consulting the consultans. A uncompromized corporate design.
Atelier Nownyn
Corporate design for the Berlin based Design, art and food studio in Kreuzberg.
Dr. med. Herwig Gabriel
A corporate design a day keeps the medicine man away.
Quality Impact
Corporate identity and editorialdesign. w/ Büro Bardohn
Sven Gabriel
Corporate Design for myself. w/ L. Sauerborn
San Burrito
Mexican foodshooting w/ N.Telebak.
Divers foodshootings. #nomnom #clickclick
I was here / Bolivia 2015
Travelphotography in Bolivia.
Klass Kommunikation
Corporate Identity for Klass Kommunikation.
Nest Studio.
Logo, corporate design and photography. w/ M. Rastegar and M. Gabriel.
Merus Breach Movie
Design and design concepts for the shortmovie.
Förster Skateboard
Product Design / Free project by MARCO & SVEN
Loveletters from a madman
Writing and Typography / Free project.
Design for the Frankfurt based rapper MacMa.
Illustration for Notabag.
Naming & Corporate identity for Capitam. w/ M. Gabriel
Alexander Knöll
Corporate identity for Alexander Knöll.
Editorial design and Illustrations for ADC. w/ S.Grote and K. Baumann
Heroes & Celebrities
Acrylic on canvas.
I was here / Bolivia 2014
Travelphotography in Bolivia.
Breaking Bad beginners kit
Free Project.
Hausarbeit eines Träumers
Editorial design.
Showroom design for Mattel.
Childish memories
Arylic on canvas.
Second hand plus one
Shooting with Max Schroeder
BiteBox - Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity and editorial design.
1000 Cards
Concept and illustrations for businesscards.
Water is life
Posterdesign w/ Marco Gabriel.
Festival Werktage
Posterdesign w/ Susanne Beck.
Martin Honert
Posterdesign - HfG Of.
10 rules for a happy life
Posterdesign w/ M. Rastegar, M. Gabriel and A. Meinhardt.
Concepts and text w/ Marco Gabriel.
Camo Hype Type - Font
Selfmade font.
Konzertmilch Dortmund (Jung von Matt)
Packaging design for JvM.
Digital Misfits
Free work.
Person Francis
Design and selfmade font.
112 electronica
Poster design.
Mr Nevis Skateboard
Illustrations / Free work.
BiteBox @Internorga
Concept and design for the BiteBox fair stand at internorga
Stickz and Stonez Font
Selfmade font.
Woodland - Behind the trees
Illustration / Sculptures.
Illustrations / Sculptures.
Mr Nevis / follow me fallin´
Concept and illustrations.
Concept and illustration.
Eberhard Bosslet Plakat
Corporate Identity for Underground Madness Records.
HfG Diplom 2007
Concept and editorial design.
Corporate design w/ M. Gabriel and M. Rastegar.
Corporate design w/ J. Stoffer.
ADC Sushi 9
St. Pauli Skull generator/
Concept and design w/ J. Stoffer for JvM.
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